Airbus is exhibiting an ACJ319, offered for VVIP charter by MJet, at Jet Expo in Moscow, highlighting the benefits of a more spacious cabin to visitors.

The MJet Airbus ACJ319 includes lounge areas plus a bedroom with ensuite bathroom, and is certificated for 19 passengers, allowing it to transport company executives, extended families and government delegations in comfort and style.

Airbus will also use the show to promote the advantages of two new aircraft launched earlier this year, the ACJ319neo  and ACJ320neo. The ACJ319neo will fly eight passengers up to 6,750 nm/12,500 km or more than 15 hours, while the ACJ320neo will transport 25 passengers up to 6,000 nm/11, 100 km or more than 13 hours.

“Airbus corporate jets deliver many benefits that traditional bizjets often lack, such as modern fly-by-wire controls, larger diameter more-efficient engines, and the ability to land automatically in mist and fog ,” says Airbus COO Customers, John Leahy“Add the widest and tallest cabins of any business jet, while being similar in size externally, and you can see why Airbus corporate jets are such great lifestyle-enablers,” he adds.

Airbus has always had a culture of innovation, which keeps its aircraft family the most modern in the world. Fuel-saving Sharklets and engines, standard on the ACJ320neo Family, are the latest examples, with Airbus being unique in deriving the full benefit of these.

More than 170 Airbus corporate jets are in service around the world, benefitting from an around the clock, around the world network that serves more than 500 customers and operators – as well as services tailored to their needs. They are flying on every continent, including Antarctica.,51590795.html–178005647/–178005822/–178005855/–178007484/–178007579/

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